ALLSCHOOLS is a website & school management tool that connects your school with the wider school community to increase funding and reduce admin time and cost.


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"ALLSCHOOLS has provided us an amazing website - we easily make daily changes to the site and communicate with our community. They have fantastic support & are quick to respond to our needs as a school. The directory fundraising tool allows us to capitalise on the traffic to our site and support local businesses" Sandra Jenkins, Principal Freemans Bay Primary
"ALLSCHOOLS really understood our needs and worked with us to deliver a professional, individual site. The design tools make updating the site and our class pages really easy – and the business directory revenue for our school is a great bonus" Bill Barker, Principal Grey Lynn School
"We earned over $3,000 in our first two months and it was so simple. ALLSTARS Business Directory is a great way to get local businesses to support the school and for us to earn money" Anne Malcolm, Principal Ponsonby Primary
Features of your ALLSCHOOLS website
  • Schools own customised website with hosting & support
  • Each class has their own customised pages like class banner, photos and videos
  • Interactive features such as photos & videos, calendar, news feed, text messaging, social network
New Fundraising Tool
  • Any school with a website can earn money
  • Create your schools own ALLSTARS online business directory
  • Sell listings to businesses in local community
  • Every listing raises $100 for the school
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