The whole team!

About Us

We're 15 people who are dedicated to making administration , communication and the raising of funds easier for sports organisations. We put all our energy into making web-based software for the sports community that anybody can easily use, anywhere.

Board and Management Team

Paul Hargreaves ONZM - Chairman

  • Immediate Past President NZ Institute of Directors, Founder and former CEO of Datacom
  • Previously Chairman Antarctic NZ and Hi-Growth Trust, CEO NIWA, Director Gallagher Holdings Ltd and Software of Excellence International Ltd
  • Paul provides leadership and ensures corporate governance is a high priority in ALLTEAMS. He brings extensive experience in all aspects of business to the team.

Garth Biggs Non-executive Director

  • Former CEO of Gen-I and Executive Director of the Hi-Growth Trust
  • Director Unimarket, IT Partners, NZ Institute of ICT Innovation, Build IT
  • Garth has extensive experience at the executive level in the IT sector and has been involved with a number of start-ups including Unimarket and Sky Television

Mike Hargreaves Executive Director and Founder, Managing Director UK

  • Founder of ALLTEAMS. Trained in Web Development. Co-Founder and Director of Fracture Media Syndicate, an award winning Flash design and development house, where he was Development Manager for 2 years before becoming Director of Business Development and Sales. Mike started ALLTEAMS in 2007 and he is involved with all aspects of the company but primarily focused on Product Design & Development, Sales and Marketing and Capital Raising. He has moved permanently to the UK to setup and run the operation out of our offices in Warwick.
  • Mike's vision and web background drive the creative and strategic direction of the company.

Will Stamers-Smith Executive Director and CEO

  • An original member of ALLTEAMS who left his banking career in London and Switzerland in 2007 and moved back to NZ to setup and manage the business and overall project with Mike. Will's last role before joining ALLTEAMS was in Zurich where he was Global Business Programme Manager responsible for developing and implementing business and IT strategy for the FX Option and Structured FX desks at Credit Suisse.
  • Will has over 10 years experience in business and programme / project management which has equipped him for the challenging role of managing the ALLTEAMS business and roll-out globally.

Jimmy Gardner Executive Director and Head of Marketing and Communications

  • Jimmy Gardner has had 15 years experience in Marketing and Sales working in IT & Web related technologies. Six of these years were spent based in London working with VC's, Incubators and DotCom's pre-year 2000 and implementing a pan-European loyalty program for IBM EMEA's top customers. Returning to Asia Pacific in 2001 he has been responsible for software marketing programmes & designing internet based marketing technologies for IBMs 20,000 business partners throughout Asia Pacific reporting in to IBMs head office in New York.
  • Jimmy extensive experience in marketing and communications ensures ALLTEAMS projects the best image externally and that the right channels are opened up for our Sales team.

Abigail Cooke Chief Operating Officer

  • Abi joined ALLTEAMS as Project Manager in September 08. Her background is in Investment Banking where she spent the last 10 years working in the UK. For the majority of those 10 years, she was involved in the management of the banks' Global CRM system. The role included global team management, project management and business analysis. Since returning to New Zealand she has worked on various projects as a Business Analyst, from software development through to Business Process improvement projects.
  • In her role as COO, Abi continues to help manage the overall development cycle, but now works to ensure there is a cohesive link between sales, marketing and development. The role includes operational responsibility for business processes across all areas of ALLTEAMS.

Peter Elliott Head of Sales

  • Completed a BA (Psych) at Otago University before heading to the UK in 2002 to do his OE. Whilst in London he worked for Europe's largest Management Consultancy Group in online support/customer service management. Upon returning to New Zealand in 2004 he worked in Sales and Executive Recruitment for over 3 years before joining ALLTEAMS in early 2008. Since then he has worked in a variety of roles for ALLTEAMS such as Business Analyst, Content Manager, and Sales Manager.
  • Peter's customer service management experience, his keen sports focus, and his experience with dealing with all levels of an organisation ensure that ALLTEAMS is an effective customer facing organisation and that we advance our products effectively.

Jon Preston Sales Manager South Island

  • After graduating from the University of Canterbury and a stint of rugby overseas Jon joined the NZRU in a sports marketing role in 1992. This worked perfectly with his All Black (1991 – 1997) commitments until the commencement of professionalism in 1996 led him into full-time rugby. The next 6 years he spent with the Wellington Hurricanes and Bath Rugby in the UK.
  • At the conclusion of his rugby career and in pursuit of a stronger business focus he jointly purchased a manufacturing business in Christchurch, New Zealand. Developing and growing the business afforded him a wide range of management experience until his decision to sell in late 1997. He is currently working in sports media with both Sky Television in live broadcast and expert comments and BSport radio as a sports show co-host. Additionally he coaches in a professional capacity with the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand.
  • Jon's in depth knowledge of the elite level of sport and his extensive experience in business allow him to effectively lead our South Island Sales team.

Ben Liebert Development Manager and Lead Architect

  • Ben graduated from the University of Auckland with a BCom (Marketing) and a BSc (Computer Science). In 2004, he started BlackBall Software, a software development and consulting company. Amongst other things, BlackBall produced and continues to maintain Trust Manager (, specialized software allowing lawyers to manage their clients' trusts.
  • With Trust Manager taking care of itself, Ben founded Knowhere Ltd ( in late 2006, later selling 40% of the company to outside investors. Knowhere was created to provide cutting-edge location-based services by leveraging GPS in everyday mobile phones and in 2008 the company was selected for the finals of the Cable Car Challenge in Wellington.
  • With Ben's extensive IT and business knowledge, specializing in distributed online systems using Microsoft technologies, we deliver a quality product and keep ahead of the game technology and security wise.